“Explore the remote angles of our island and discover the concealed beauty through activities which brings you to the heart and the soul of the island…”

Agrotourism and rural activities in Cyprus.

KARPASIA NATURE HOUSE offers beautifully renovated stonebuild traditional guesthouses ideal for ecotourism. The rural guesthouses are located in the south east part of the island of Cyprus not very far from the sea. An abundance of rural activities with many different subjects covers the entire year. We offer activities that are designed to lead you to the core of rural life and old traditions in Cyprus.

Here some selection of our rural activities:

  • Fishing with a local fisherman
  • Making Halloumi cheese by visiting a Goat Farm
  • Picking oranges and olives
  • Wine tasting and visits to wineries
  • Cooking lessons of the famous “Mousaka”
  • Traditional Cypriot entertainment in a local tavern

Ecotourism / Agrotourism in Cyprus
KARPASIA NATURE HOUSE realizes completely unusual holiday experience since 2004: Living in old villages, away from the tourist centres, in the midst of lived tradition and country life. Living in tastefully renovated old traditional houses between orange, wine and olive yards. Select for your next vacation on of our lovely houses and discover the hospitality of our country.